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Gastronomy at Your Service

True quality can make you feel better, by providing little joys in everyday life.
The selection of fine foods offered by Les Connaisseurs is based first of all on high quality materials
and on time honoured methods of preparation.

The Cipriani fresh pasta, of the legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice, is the result of 60 years experience
and contains only top quality ingredients, so that it may last even for two years, if stored in proper conditions!

The world famous prasline is based on a secret recipe dating from the reign of Louis 13th of France,
and its method of production remains unchanged, to preserve its unique taste and flavour.

The ancient Parisian house of Mariage Frères introduces the layman to the art of tea preparation in its
characteristic manner, by offering the best varieties in the world, including rare green and white teas,
the famous ‘seasonal’ teas, and specially flavoured blends.
This selection is complemented by a series of tea services and the well known Japanese type cast iron teapot.

Our fruit preserves, by Cipriani and L’ Epicurien, stand out for their emphasis on the quality of fruit,
and the complete freedom from additives.
Finally, there is our selection of carefully prepared  traditional foies gras, pâtés, biscuits, vinegars and mustards.
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