Shipping / Delivery

a. Collection from the physical store
You may collect the items of your order from the premises of our physical store “LES CONNAISSEURS” (The Golden Hall mall, 37A Kifissias Avenue, 151 23 Maroussi, tel. +30 210 7239195 and +30 210 6814366 ), during working hours operation (Monday to Friday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.). In this case, you will not be charged with shipping costs, regardless of the amount of the order. For collection of orders from our physical shop, it is a prerequisite that a) you have chosen this particular type of delivery (i.e. “collection from the store”) at the time of placing your order and b) you have received prior notice from our company (email or phone call) that your order is ready for collection.

b. Items shipment
Your order will be delivered by a third party courier service or by an employee of our company at the address you specify when submitting your order at our online shop.
Caution: For your security, it will NOT be possible to change the specified delivery address after the submission of your order.

Delivery of your order within the Attica Prefecture will be made between one (1) and up to three (3) working days the latest after the confirmation of your order.
Orders that are to be delivered at locations outside the Attica Prefecture and/or inaccessible/remote areas of the Attica Prefecture, and orders submitted during the Christmas holidays (December 1st – January 7th) and Easter (Passion Week and the week prior to it) irrespective of the place of delivery (i.e. even within the Attica Prefecture), delivery will be made between one (1) and up to six (6) working days the latest after the confirmation of the order.

If your order is submitted by 4.00 p.m. (GMT+2), it will be considered as submitted on that same working day. Orders placed after 4.00 p.m., will be deemed as having been submitted the following working day.

If, submitting the order, you chose as a payment method the bank account deposit, the delivery deadlines start from the date that the payment is credited to the bank account.

c. Products that are available upon request
For products that appear as available upon request, delivery times may be longer, depending on the availability of each product, with a maximum of 40 working days.

In case of incorrect shipping address provided on your part or non-reception of an item due to the recipient being absent, the item will either be held by the third party courier service company for a few days or it will be returned to our shop. If the item remains with the courier service company, you will have to reach them directly and arrange for the delivery of the item free of charge. If, however, the item has returned to our store and you wish to arrange for a new shipping and delivery date, please let us know by email at: [email protected] or by phone at: 210 72 39195 and we will arrange with the courier service company a new shipping date at your expenses.

Shipping Cost

Shipping costs for all orders (EXCEPT gifts from the “Suggestions” category)

Shipping costs of your order depends on its value and place of delivery, as follows:

1. For delivery within the Attica Prefecture:
• shipping will be free of charge, if the value of your order exceeds €100,
• shipping costs of €5 will be charged if the value of your order is up to €100.

2. For delivery outside the Attica Prefecture the shipping costs of €7 will be applied

Shipping costs for gift orders from the “Suggestions” category:

Shipping costs applying to your order will vary according to the place of delivery, as follows:

1. For delivery within the Attica Prefecture: €10

2. For delivery outside the Attica Prefecture: €25

All prices are in euros (€) and include the corresponding VAT.
Our company reserves the right to modify shipping costs without prior notice. Applicable shipping costs for your orders will correspond to those posted each time on this website, as generated during the finalisation and submission stage.

For shipping abroad (i.e. outside Greece), special conditions apply depending on the type of the order and the place of delivery and any such arrangement is subject to prior communication and agreement.